Apple Airplay: a Detailed Guide for How to Airplay to Tv

We have entered the most digitally prosperous era that ever existed in human history. We choose to go to the movie theatres very rarely now because we have over-the-top services with more content offered in one place and at a time. However, this read has been crafted to familiarize you with Apple’s AirPlay system that entirely changed the way you choose to get entertained. This system helps you stream audio or video from any Apple source, directly to another compatible device. Reading on, you’ll learn significant details about the service system, how to AirPlay to TV including steps to AirPlay from iPhone to TV, from Mac to TV, and so much more. This read guarantees you extreme feasibility with your AirPlay experience.

how to airplay to tv

Understand what AirPlay exactly is

Before we tell you anything about how to AirPlay to TV, we think it’s important you understand a few things about the system service. It is a proprietary system that allows you to stream audio and/or video from an Apple device (possibly iPhone, iPad, or a Mac) to other compatible streaming devices over your in-use home network. The newly launched update welcomes a lot of other brands that contribute to making your home and entertainment zone. If you want to know more about the exclusive features that this system offers to users including other significant details, you can go into a web browser and type “” in the address bar.

Steps answering how to AirPlay from iPhone to TV

This section of the read will walk you through the explicit procedure to AirPlay from your iPhone to TV and be precise, the following steps can also be used in the case of iPads and iPod Touch:

  1. Begin with connecting your device to the home network that your compatible streaming device has been connected to.
  2. Settle on the video that you’d like to stream on a big screen device.
  3. Now, go ahead to place a hit on the AirPlay icon or symbol.
  4. Move forth with selecting the Apple TV or the compatible devices (Smart TV) you want to stream it on.


  • Now, to stop streaming when you’re done, all you have to do is hit on the AirPlay icon again and then hit on your Apple source from the list (in this case iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).
  • Also, keep in mind that not all video content and applications would support AirPlay, so you can go for “mirroring from phone to TV” in such cases.

Learn how to AirPlay from Mac to TV

This section of the read will help you with “how to AirPlay to TV” using your Mac computer. Therefore, given below are the steps for the same:

  1. Initiate the process by ensuring that both the devices are connected to the same Internet network.
  2. Go for the Screen Mirroring” icon that looks like two overlapping screens in the “Control Centre” and then go ahead to choose your Apple TV or any other compatible device.

Get to know how to AirPlay to Samsung TV

This section is assigned the responsibility of telling you, how to AirPlay to TV when you have a Samsung Smart TV. Move on to follow the below-mentioned steps only after ensuring that your TV is compatible with the service:

  1. Use your Samsung Smart TV remote for going into “Settings”.
  2. Then head towards the “General” option tab.
  3. Get into the “Apple AirPlay Settings” from the available menu.
  4. Place a hit on “airplay” and switch the system on.

Learn screen mirroring iPhone to Samsung tv

Here, in this part of the read, you’ll learn how to connect AirPlay to TV with screen mirroring from iPhone to the Samsung Smart TV:

  1. Head to the top-right on your iPhone’s screen> swipe the screen down to reveal the Control Centre.
  2. Place your hit on the two overlapping screens’ symbol that represents the Screen Mirroring icon.
  3. On getting to the list of available devices, ensure selecting your Samsung Smart TV from the list.
  4. The next window will be a pop-up if you see a passcode on the screen of your Samsung Smart TV, make sure you type it into your iPhone.
  5. Your iPhone screen would now be displayed on your Samsung TV. So, if you play something (audio or video), or text and read emails, it will get displayed on your TV.


The detailed read above has been exclusively designed to help you understand the Apple AirPlay system that lets you stream audio and video on compatible devices with a mandatory source- Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac computers. Here, the major focus has been on helping you out with “how to AirPlay to TV” including steps for significant and frequent situations. For more precision go to and to simply watch Apple TV + content online without AirPlay, go to

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