How do I manage my Prime Video Channels?

To manage the Amazon Prime subscriptions, you need to visit the page. On this page, you can renew your Prime Video subscriptions easily. To access your Prime Video account, you may need to log into your Amazon account. So, if you are also looking to manage your Amazon Video subscription then you are on the right page as we are discussing the method to manage the Amazon Prime Video subscriptions. Whether you trying to manage your Prime Video Channels on mobile or computer the steps are easy and clear. Let’s move forward to discuss the method to manage your Prime Video subscriptions on your mobile and computer.

Method to manage Amazon Prime channel on Computer

The steps to manage the Amazon Video subscriptions are given below. You need to log into your Amazon account to add more channels to your Amazon Video subscriptions.

  1. Using your computer, visit the page
  2. Now, to log into your account, enter the username and password details
  3. After entering the login details carefully, tap on the ‘Login’ button
  4. Now, you will be able to add or remove the Prime Video channel
  5. Tap on the ‘Add more channels’ link and select the channel that you want to add to your subscriptions
  6. Now, follow the instruction and head to the checkout page
  7. Select a payment method such as credit or debit card, store card, or gift cards, vouchers & promotional codes to make payment
  8. Now, tap on the ‘Continue’ button and then finalize your payment
  9. You may need to enter the OTP password that is sent on your phone number
  10. Finally, you have added a new channel to your Prime Video subscriptions

The process to manage Prime Video Channel on your mobile

The steps to add a new channel to the Amazon Prime Video subscription via mobile are given below. You may have to download and install the Prime Video mobile application on your device.

  1. On your mobile, visit App or Play Store
  2. Now, search for the Prime Video app
  3. Follow the instruction to download and install it on your device
  4. After installing the Prime Video app on your device, launch it
  5. To log into your Prime Video account, you need to enter the login details in the corresponding field
  6. Now, head to the ‘Profile’ section and look for the ‘Manage my subscriptions’ option, and tap on it
  7. Then find the ‘Add more channel’ option and tap on it
  8. Now, select the channel and follow the instructions to visit the checkout page
  9. On the checkout page, pay the subscription amount for the new channel
  10. Finally, you have managed the Prime Video channel using your mobile phone


 To sum up, Amazon Prime Video allows you to add more channels to your Prime subscriptions. The process to manage Amazon Prime Video subscriptions is quite easy. You can use a mobile or computer to visit the page and manage the subscriptions. You may need to log into your Amazon account to add a channel to your subscriptions. Amazon may charge the subscription fees of the channel that you want to add to your Amazon subscriptions. So, referring to this post visit the Amazon Prime Video official website using a mobile or computer to manage the Amazon Prime Video channels.

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