Fixing Amazon error code 8085 and other errors right away

Are you a seller on Amazon who is coming across different Amazon error codes time and again? Well, this situation is pretty frustrating especially when you are new to this field and you do not what you need to do next. However, if you are fed up with finding different resolutions to fix Amazon error code 8085 and nothing is working right for you, then we have got you covered. Through this article, we’ll be fixing different Amazon error codes so that you can sell your products without any hassle.

amazon error code 8058

The solution to fix error 8058 on Amazon

If you are selling your products on Amazon and you are constantly seeing error 8085, then you might have made a mistake while entering some of the values in the inventory file template. However, this is not a big problem that you need to worry about. All you need to do is re-fill all the details in the correct manner and make sure that you do provide the correct details in the “Value” field. If you keep on getting this error, try to fix missing attribute Amazon by removing and re-adding the values.

What is the Amazon error 5666 code and how to fix it?

The Amazon error code 5666 means that your brand might be involved in selling a product that seems to damage or disobey the intellectual property of other sellers and due to this, you may no longer be able to sell the same product. However, if you want to get this restriction lifted, then what you can do is write to the Amazon legal department about the problem you are facing along with the details of how you are not infringing on the intellectual property of other sellers. Make sure that you mention each detail carefully and submit the proof of your claim as well.

How to fix Amazon error code 8040?

In order to fix the Amazon error code 8040, you need to get in touch with the seller support team of Amazon or write to them. Once you come across this error code, you may not be allowed by Amazon to create new variants for the same brand however, you can modify the offers for your product without any restrictions. Similarly, if you are seeing Amazon error 8045 or Amazon error 8571, then also you can find a fix for this error by contacting the Amazon Seller Support team.


  • How do I fix error 8058 on Amazon?

If you are a seller on Amazon and you are seeing Amazon error code 8085 on your screen, then you might have made a mistake while entering the weight of your product as it may not be matching the value you are making available for the same weight. So, check these details to fix the error code in no time and make sure that you submit a valid weight to avoid this error.

  • What is the 8058 error on Amazon?

Well, it is an error that shows up on the seller’s screen when he tries to list his product, especially clothing products on Amazon. However, sellers who faced this error got to fix it by removing as many attributes as possible. After you have removed the attributes, you need to add them back one by one to get past this problem.

  • What is error code 808 on a Mac?

The error code 808 on your Mac device usually shows up when your Mac device is not able to run or operate a program. Thus, you need to find out the main cause of this error and then fix the issue accordingly. However, most users were able to fix it by rectifying problems with the preferences files, the installed apps, and clearing up disk space on their Mac.

  • How do I fix error 5461 on Amazon?

The sellers who are seeing the error code 5461 on Amazon can easily get rid of this issue by mentioning the Amazon company name in the brand name field. This allows Amazon’s team to understand that the barcodes match with their records and they may approve of your listings without showing you any such error. 


After going through this article, it is pretty clear that Amazon has set strict rules and regulations for the sellers. Thus if you are a seller on Amazon, you need to make sure that you are not violating any of its rules. In case you see Amazon error 99001 or Amazon error code 8058, then you can try contacting the Amazon Seller Support team to find a resolution for fixing this problem right away.

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