Encountering the “youtube Not Working” Issue? Fix It With Us!

In a fast-moving and digitally dominated world, we’ve been highly focused on video content that comes online. There are several over the top or OTT platforms that brings up tons of stories under a variety of genre. However, when OTT platforms did not have such a huge global user base, there was one online service that conquered the world and to be precise, we still prefer it for any quick solutions that we require. We are sure, you understood which service we are talking about- yes, it’s YouTube. No matter how many streaming services we have, we always go to YouTube when we want help with, let’s say, a technical problem, a cooking recipe, and the like. Here, in this read, we’ll discuss a very common issue- “YouTube not working”, and we are sure we can be of help in fixing the problem.

youtube not working

YouTube is today’s digital world

Well, a decade ago, we used to go to a cyber café for YouTube access but today, it is just a few clicks away from wherever we are. We needed the Internet to use the platform but today, it has introduced a feature called “YouTube Offline” that lets users access it without the Internet connection. We have the YouTube app, YouTube for TV, and so on. And all of these technological advancements led to the following issues- YouTube App not working, YouTube TV not working, YouTube not working on Roku, etc. Let’s see what can cause these problems and help you find the best fixes to them.

Learn the causes- Why is YouTube not working?

Well, we all know that technical issues can occur at any time during the product life. Therefore, YouTube is no stranger to it. If you’re wondering “what is the reason behind the crashing of my YouTube”, or simply just “why is my YouTube not working”, then we suggest you keep reading so that we can help you understand the issues that users, generally encounter:

  • Videos keep on buffering and does not load
  • The browser has difficulty in playing them
  • Users find it impossible to get into the website

Learn to troubleshoot the problems with YouTube

You are now, well aware of the issues that users encounter when they say- “YouTube not working”, which is why we thought it would be a great time to share the YouTube troubleshooting ways for your YouTube not working. And we can assure you that it will help you overcome the encountered problems and provide you with a smooth video playing and downloading experience on YouTube:

  • With multiple apps and programs running in the background, devices may cause an issue- try restarting or rebooting the in-use device.
  • Browsers may cause issues which is fixable from the browser’s end for a period of time- prefer using another browser to stream YouTube.
  • Date and time settings may act as the major cause for your YouTube not working- you are recommended to set the correct date and time to let the server sync videos easily.
  • The “YouTube not working” issue can also be caused due to application updates- make sure that the YouTube app on your device has been updated.
  • Sometimes, your Wi-Fi network may cause issues to your YouTube experience- we suggest you wait for the local network issue to be fixed and try and use your cellular data for the while.
  • Accidental deactivation of the JavaScript may result in YouTube not working- make sure you activate JavaScript on your computer through your in-use browser.
  • Some added extensions may affect your device and restrict the use of some websites- try using YouTube in an Incognito tab, which helps in disabling the affecting extensions.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to help you reminisce about the first video streaming online service- YouTube with a major focus on a very frequent issue that users still report- “YouTube not working”. Going through this informative masterpiece, you’ve learned about the different YouTube versions that exist in our digitally dominated world, along with the problems it brought in. However, we know that every problem comes with its solution and therefore, we wanted to help you understand the causes of the issue and then help you with easy and quick troubleshooting ideas. We can assure you that these fixes have proved to be very effective in the past and would not disappoint. But, if you still have any slight doubt, do not hesitate to ask for help from the customer support team offered to you by the online service brand.

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